CrowdCrunch is an edge computing platform that allows developers to deploy and manage massively distributed apps on peer-to-peer networks.

The CrowdCrunch protocol and collection of developer tools crowdsource idle CPU and memory from computers across the Internet to host backend microservices, like a decentralized cloud. In return, participating device owners receive payment or premium app features at a discount.

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Crowd Computing

CrowdCrunch introduces an alternative to cloud-based hosting, dubbed crowd computing. It does so by modernizing the decades-old practice of grid computing, while synthesizing various edge computing concepts into a unified platform service. Crowd computing transforms the grid's client-server design into a novel, peer-to-peer (p2p)-based model, called Peer-Orchestration Architecture, which merges the network topology of p2p systems with software design patterns commonly employed by cloud-native apps. CrowdCrunch effectively extends the boundaries of the cloud—to include any general-purpose computer—by enabling coordinated computing at the network's edge.


Peer Orchestration

CrowdCrunch allows developers to leverage the resiliency, scalability, speed, cost structure and other advantages of p2p networks, without ceding decision-making authority to the crowd, in the manner of blockchain-based decentralized apps (DApps). Developers act as privileged nodes, orchestrating peers who consent to host services for a fee. This orchestration model allows CrowdCrunch to bridge the gap between the mature cloud infrastructure of today and the decentralized and fully autonomous apps of tomorrow. CrowdCrunch is both an intermediate, practical step toward decentralization in these early days of blockchain and a legitimate, stand-alone model for proprietary software in the coming decentralized era.

Make sure your next app is Powered by CrowdCrunch™

Build decentralized web apps, CDNs, VPNs, Tor relays, distributed cryptocurrency miners, graphics renderers, scientific computing grids and much more with CrowdCrunch. Use your favorite environments, development tools and libraries. The platform is designed to fit neatly inline with your current workflow. Use simple APIs to help you intuitively build a massively scalable app, and then rely on CrowdCrunch's integrated orchestration tool to monitor and maintain its health.



Build apps in your language of choice, using your favorite editor. CrowdCrunch will help you package your apps into containerized microservices so that, when distributed, they run predictably, no matter the host environment.



Use the CrowdCrunch distributed test bed to make sure your app is running smoothly before deployment, or integrate third-party test suites to keep your current workflow unchanged. Then mark your app as ready for rollout.

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Define your scale, and let CrowdCrunch acquire your peers and negotiate fees. Use Git to version control, so peers always have the canonical containers. Then perform blue/green or rolling deployments to update your hosting peers.


Visually inspect the health of your app with the CrowdCrunch control plane UI. Improve observability by tracking low-level or high-level metrics and reviewing structured logs and traces via an integrated service mesh.